VR Porn with HTC Vive

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Video Specifications
Downloaded videos could be played locally, streamed in browser with WebVR player.
Viewing Options
Maximum expected video specs 7680x3840 60FPS 180º stereo.
Maximum video
Field of View
Display Resolution
2448x2448 per eye
BLOW VR Review:
+ Pros
High-end display
Low light room support
Hi-Res certified audio
- Cons
High price
PC required
Image quality
Old platform

HTC Vive is a great VR headset for enjoying blowjob VR porn movies!

HTC Vive is a great and premium VR headset that works just great with any type of virtual reality content – including blowjob VR porn movies! Trust this amazing smartphone manufacturer and use these VR goggles to spend some amazing time with cock-sucking VR sex – we promise you that you don't need anything else but this VR device to get everything you need out of our virtual reality blowies!

First of all (since these aren't standalone VR goggles), let's talk about the recommended computer specs for your PC. You're gonna need a GPU of NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon™ RX 480, equivalent or better; CPU of Intel® Core™ i5-4590 or AMD FX™ 8350, equivalent or better; 4 GB RAM or more, and operating system of Windows® 7 SP1, Windows® 8.1 or later, and/or Windows® 10.

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And when it comes to the specs of the HTC Vive VR headset itself, the display of these goggles is a dual AMOLED 3.6’’ diagonal screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye (2160 x 1200 pixels combined), and a 90 Hz refresh rate (with 110 degrees field of view). Safety features? Chaperone play area boundaries and front-facing camera. Sensors? SteamVR Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, and a proximity sensor. Anything else? Interpupillary distance and lens distance adjustment for eye relief and integrated microphone for possible communication.

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